Get on the Couch!

coding | 14th Mar, 19

Ah yes, the dreaded CMS and all the overheads that come with it! 

As a developer, the freedom to create your own site, with your own neat and tidy code, is an absolute must in my book. However, the ability to hand said site over and allow the client to make content changes at their own leisure, is a very enticing aspect to the services you can offer to your clients - it keeps content dynamic and fresh - just what Google wants to index. This is where the very small and easy to bolt-on, but incredibly powerful couchCMS comes in.

What an amazing piece of kit!

Written in PHP but designed to allow a front end developer/designer the freedom to set a site up without being an expert in PHP is just plain genius. The site you see before you has a contact form and this blog, both powered by couchCMS.

I cannot recommend this utility tool/CMS add-on enough - check it out, you will not regret it.

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