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coding | 12th Mar, 19

As a coding enthusiast, it is very easy to focus soley on the functionality and design of a website, without giving consideration to the overall digitial strategy that a website plays a relatively small part in. My day job has recently broadened rapidly into the realms of digital marketing and the myriad of theories and practices that are associated with this area. It is mind boggling to say the least - do you spend vast amounts of money on google advertising? Do you spend copious hours posting on facebook, linkedin, twitter etc.? Does your website obey the three clicks rule?

My perspective has shifted towards a leaner and more focused approach. Yes posting on social media will expose your business news to your followers but will this lead to more enquiries? Can this be measured effectively? I suspect the answer is devisive and depends heavily on your market sector/product area. However, one thing is clear - an overall, guiding strategy with a clear target is an absolute must. What does the website need to do and how should it do it? 

Once you have answered these questions, you can shape your website design around them.

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